Collection: Justine Clenquet

Starting as a modest endeavour creating unique pieces for her friends, French designer Justine Clenquet transformed her passion into her own namesake jewellery brand at the young age of 18. The brands high octane 70s glam rock and punk inspired jewellery skilfully reinterprets and merges established aesthetics with an eccentric charm. Each piece meticulously handcrafted in France using luxurious materials like 24k gold and palladium-dipped metals. Clenquet's forward-thinking design philosophy fosters a blending of seemingly contrasting sentiments: delicate Swarovski crystals in ethereal hues coexist with robust mixed-metal chains, while daring geometric shapes harmonise with whimsical dangling embellishments. This results in a thought-provoking juxtaposition of traditionally masculine and feminine elements.